Client: Rolland, Newburgh, IN

"When Brad arrived to our home, he continued the education process on solar energy and advised us of the best location for the panels. We had thought that we would place the panels on the roof, but Brad suggested to place them on our pergola that covers our table on our deck where they were able to place 12 panels.
Besides providing energy for our home it has become a roof over our table area that provides shade and dryness from the rain.
The installation crew was very professional and listened and answered all of our concerns. Upon installation we now have professionally installed solar power system that we can also monitor on our computer for up-to-date energy readings. It is performing way beyond our expectations and we began seeing the difference on our first month’s bill.
We are so pleased that we plan to add more panels next spring to the suggested roof sites."

Client: Dr. Ted and Anna, Newburgh, IN

“I would say it was a very good experience. Brad is very knowledgeable, we were very pleased with the quality of the installation.” I personally feel good about not adding to the pollution that we have in this area. I drive an electric car too and I think that everything contributes to making it better. Also, the economy of the panels is such that they do pay for themselves, now it makes economic sense.”

Client: Stephen, Newburgh, IN

“I was impressed with the installation. The installers worked quietly and efficiently. My panels were generating electricity in three days. Morton Solar took care of everything – permits, interconnection agreement, inspection, agreement to sell SRECs. I’m pleased with the results. I’ve generated more electricity than I’ve consumed.”

Client: Nancy and Ray, Carmi, IL

“We have dreamed of having solar energy for years and this year we were able to afford it. We decided to go all the way and now have enough solar to generate all the electricity we use in a year. We are not totally off the grid so that will be the next goal. Brad Morton and Morton Solar were recommended by O'daniel, Inc., who built our energy effecient home. We could not be more pleased with Morton Solar and how professional Brad and his crew worked. Brad also had the patience to put up with all the questions that we had. We were just like to kids in a candy store asking all the questions in the world. We want to thank Morton Solar for helping us to reach our dream and hopefully to reach the ultimate goal of being off the grid soon. Thanks Brad and the Morton Solar crew for excellent work and understanding.”

Robert K. Johnson

Attorney At Law

"An exceptional businessperson is one who combines technical proficiency with a passion for his craft and advocacy for this customers. Brad Morton of Morton Solar is such an exceptional person. Brad's electrical engineering skills and practical field experience have allowed him to become one of Indiana's foremost experts in photovoltaics and renewable energy. What sets Brad apart, though, is his compassion and concern for customers. I have personally witnessed Brad's great commitment to achieve superior results for his customers by fighting to ensure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled. This work is exemplary and sets Morton Solar apart in the field."