Solar Pergola

A solar pergola by Morton Solar is a new, innovative way to save on your bills. We can either add our panels to an existing structure, or build an original structure. The pergola will provide shade over a deck or patio while generating clean electricity to power your home.

Battery Backup

A solar-powered battery backup system will provide power even when the grid is down. Normal grid-tied systems are required to shut down during power outages. But we can provide a grid-tied system with battery backup to power your critical loads seamlessly during emergency outages.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

By combining a solar energy system with your electric car, you are taking advantage of savings and utilizing your solar energy system to its maximum potential. Morton Solar can install your electric vehicle charging station to both your residential or commercial property. We are licensed electricians and can install various types and brands of EV charge controllers including ChargePoint, SPX, Eaton, and AeroVironment.

Emergency Backup Generators

Morton Solar can install your emergency backup generator to provide power when there is no access to the grid. We are a certified dealer for Cummins Power Generation and have the expertise to install and support your generator for reliable and dependable operation.